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Metatron’s Latest ‘Chill Trap Mix’ is The Lullaby of Your Dreams

So it’s been a minute right, since I’ve reported anything from LST’s favorite DJ,Metatron? Well, truth is he’s been dropping mix after mix and mix and its getting a little hard to keep up. From Meta Mix Saturdays, his live drop and now that this magician has graduated to videos, he’s literally putting his music anywhere he can.


The latest we have is a chill mix from an international single “Aashiqui”, by Tum Hi Ho. Personally, I haven’t heard a remix like this from from Meta yet and I’m digging it. It’s definitely the softest I’ve heard this man attack his art,compared to his other tracks like the Halloween mix, or anything from his Lights EP.

“Aashiqui” remix won’t put you to sleep but it will calm your busy mind. A lullaby for the over thinkers

The best equivalent I can give this track is Evanescence‘s single, “My Immortal,” in my opinion the impact is the same, where you’ll keep playing it when you’re in that mood.

It’s just a matter of time before Meta comes rearing his head again, but if you need to play catch up, be sure to check out the man’s Youtube and Soundcloud to stay up to date on his projects.However, if you’re into the live Meta mixes peep his Facebook account.

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