Metatron Surprises Lovers w/ Valentine’s Day Release

Today’s Meta Monday folks, and you know what that brings, right? New tracks from my favorite DJ, Metatron.

No need for introductions this time around, unless you’ve literally been M.I.A these past few weeks. So lets dig in shall we?

So this track was very chill, nothing he hasn’t done before but it Meta definitely toned it down the first two minutes. I loved it. I’ve never heard the original track before and as a taste of “Lullabies”, well what a better way to get acquainted?

I never thought I’d hear a DJ try to spin something that basically is meant to lull you to sleep. I must admit I could fall almost fall asleep to this track, and I’ll tell you why there’s an almost.



I got the normal trance a lot quicker this time around. “Lullabies” numbs you, for lack of a better word, you forget your listening to actual music when you turn it on. However, around the 2:20-2:50 mark the listener is snapped out of it. This part actual features an extremely repetitive sound and I can’t put my finger on if it’s the bass or the singer’s voice being distorted. Soon after, at 2:50, there is a high pitch that follows that I have mixed feelings about. I feel that Meta could’ve taken this part in a completely different direction or at least switched up the repetitive piece and created a better build up to prepare the listener to the high pitch at 2:50.

I feel like the combination was a bit overwhelming and in the end, when the track went back to smooth, it left me confused. I wanted to listen to it again to get a better understanding but am still at this WTF sort of feeling. Which is good to have on Meta’s end.

But take a peek for yourself and don’t forget to tell DJ Metatron what  you think about it when your done.

Soundcloud: Metatron Official

Twitter: Metatron_Official 

Facebook: MetatronOfficial

Lady Sen


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