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Haley Williams Wakes Up from Her Misery Business in ‘Rose-Colored Boy’

“Wake Up! Roseville”

Paramore dropped their visual to “‘Rose-Colored Boy,” from their album After Laughter. The single stars their frontwoman, Haley Williams as a miserable anchor in denial on the fictional show, “Wake Up! Roseville.”

New Found Glory’s “Vicious Love” ft Hayley Williams

The entire album focuses on facades and seeing through fake optimism. “Rose-Colored Boy,” which centers this the most, follows the trio as they the cameras shut off and we really see the darkness that doesn’t air on “Wake Up!Roseville.”  Williams is soon confronted by her inner child, as she nears a breakdown, and is ask ed “Hayley, what are you doing?…This isn’t you. Who are you?”

This is enough to encourage Haley to wear her rage.

You can watch the visual, above.

-Lady Sen 

Lady Sen


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