Pause and Listen to DJ SI-Guy’s “CARNEVIL”

DJ Si-Guy, aka Simon, has been a local New Jersey producer and DJ since 2011. A little new to the scene but not new to the music in general. This guy has been playing guitar for over a decade before he got his feet wet working a few events around Rutgers  Now, five years later this Rutgers alum has gone from being the hit at college parties to dropping his first EP.

Talk about making big movies, right?

DJ Si-Guy has given us Olio, his first official project since he stepped up to the plate. It’s a five track EP, short, sweet and to the point. Not bad for his first try, thats for sure. But lets us delve further first?


First things first, my favorite track. That’s going to have to go to “Carnevil,” the more sinister of the songs. I feel like with the image Si-Guy is going for this depicts him the best, while “Bass Master” is a close runner up.

“Carnevil,” reminds of me of  Skrillex‘s song “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.”  Definitely not a bad comparison, I love Skrillex. However, I would love for Si to take the approach he had to “Carnevil” up the turn up and apply it to his other tracks like “Beach Chaos” or “Simon Says,” (love the word play on that by the way)which seemed a little too soft in my opinion.

Because of my taste I prefer the second half  to Olio a lot more than the first. The first two tracks were okay, but they wouldn’t go on my repeat. “Eternal” I believe is a good intermission between “Simon Says” and “Carnevil” but I feel like I didn’t really grasp or get a real taste of this artist until I got to “Carnevil,” which I played repetitively.

Olio, over all is a nice EP especially for his first one but this sort of makes me anticipate what this DJ is able to do with time. There’s no doubt that in my mind that he’s the type that likes to experiment with sounds and create his own flow, no one by the way should shy away from that. That’s how you make music, that’s how you become an artist But I think in time he’s going to be able to sort of harbor more control of his image. Not necessarily how he looks, but how his work makes him appear. Not something to be expected the first time around but I’m excited to see what he can do as he gains more skill.

So what are you waiting for?! It’s time to give Olio a listen and tell DJ Si-Guy what you think!

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