Post Death Soundtrack Trips Out in the Unlearning Curve

Meet the trippy Canadian band, Post Death Soundtrack. Instantly when I heard their project, The Unlearning Curve, a few soundtracks popped into my head. For one there is the Queen of the Damned and two there is Repo! The Genetic Opera. If you don’t know either of these flicks, please educate yourselves before reading further.


The band has three members in total: Kenneth Buck, Steve Moore,Jon Ireson. And together, the trio has managed to provide us a dope trip/psycho hop that touches the verge of System of a Down‘s Serge Tankian. Though the band doesn’t list them as one of their influences I feel like that they should consider pulling slight inspirations from popular hits like “Toxicity” and “B.Y.O.B.”

So let’s get to the point of this. I like them. but out of 10 I’m giving them a strong 7.  This is because I feel like the sound  of this particular project is familiar, both good and bad. Bad because it’s literally gives me flashbacks of my angsty teenage years, that slightly spilled into college. Yes that familiar.  Good because it’s comforting. This is a project I would listen to on a car ride, or something to act as background music. That’s actually perfect way to explain it. This is something that I would literally have in a movie, like I mentioned before, or as a blanket of sound to fill in a void. To keep things busy. I guess if you wanted to literally make a sound track to your life, right?

The Unlearning Curve dropped back in May but is currently available for free download via Bandcamp. Check it out above! Do expect another two albums sometime soon though. Stay on your toes.

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