The Power of Writing

You ever look at your Facebook and the “memories” post come up and you think,”Wow that was my thoughts then, that’s where I was at that time?” It’s kind of like looking at your own personal diary. It’s amazing how you can look back at the past and see your thoughts.
Only if it wasnt a Facebook post, but yet your own personal writings. The Facebook post are powerful, but not as powerful as writing things down. The hidden but yet forgotten super power we are all born with.
I’ve heard many times do not rely on your memory. I even had a very successful business man tell me the key to success is to write everything down.
I never really looked at it like a big deal, I mean what’s a bunch of words on paper, who cares. I know what I have to do I don’t have to write anything down. A personal trainer words on Youtube changed my way of thinking about this though.
One day I was watching a fitness trainer, and he said the reason why most people will not achieve their fitness goals is because they don’t write what they eat, what time they eat, what exercises they did and for how long.  At this time I always wanted abs.  I had them as a teenager and just got older and lazy.  I grew a little pudge belly and I hated the fact that I had let myself go. I tried to eat right and exercise but it didn’t work.  I didn’t know what was going on. After hearing this mans advice I got straight to work.
I bought a book, opened the first page and wrote: Day 1….

“I’ve heard many times do not rely on your memory.”

By day 90 I had a six pack. Everyday I would write what I eat, how many calories, what time I ate, how many glasses of water I drank, what exercises I did, how long and what days. What this did was both subconsciously and conciously give me extreme confidence and drive to the point where I was excited when I could mark down days that I exercised and ate right.
This creates a track record that you do not want to break.  Why do most people give up exercising the first month? Because they don’t see any results from the work so it feels like there is no progress being made. But by writing things down it keeps you aware that you are on the right track.
For example, let’s say one day I didn’t eat right or exercise, I can track to see if I can afford to skip a day according to what I did the previous week. I’m not talking about an app on your phone, I’m talking about pen and paper. The power that is created in the subconscious when you write things down is more powerful then you can imagine. You want to change your life then you have to have a record of whats going on.  Every successul person has there own personal log, at least everyone that I’ve studied.
That’s what keeps me on track. I have a calendar on my wall I write on everyday. Everyday  I write whether I worked out, recorded, wrote, performed, basically any activity I did to progress myself and my goals. So at the end of the month I have a CLEAR vision of everything I’ve done, and this makes me want to do more.

“You want to change your life then you have to have a record of whats going on. “

More, more and more! Everyday I write down my ACCOMPLISHED final goals. That’s the key, to believe you already have it.
I’m not rich or famous, but ever since I’ve started this process it has been building nothing but momentum for me and thats what you need to excel. I believe no matter what you want to do, as long as you stay consistent and try different ideas and improve you will achieve it.
That’s where writing things down is key. Most people give up what they start for the simple fact that they have no record of where they’ve been. Trust me on this one my friends. Don’t wait. Buy a book and a calender now! Write down what you want and what you have to do to get it. Then write down EVERYDAY what you are doing to achieve it. Even if you skip a day of activity, never skip a day without writing anything down. Never.
Well unless you get in a horrific accident and your amrs get blown off, God forbid, my bad too graphic, but in all good luck!
You can start your first page with “Read Jayo The Beatslayers article…”

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