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Prince’s ‘Deliverance’ EP Has Been Pulled from ALL Music Services

So remember that six unreleased Prince tracks were set to be released this upcoming Friday (April, 21st)? Turns out that’s a dub.
Here’s the story.
This past Tuesday the title track from the EP, Deliverance, dropped and with that information that we’d get access to more unreleased materials from the late artist. But, the Prince Estate caught wind and was not happy about this. Paisley Park soon filed a lawsuit against the sound engineer and co-producer, Ian Boxhill, which resulted in the project being pulled from iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play and Amazon all together.
As reported by TMZ, the removal of Deliverance is a result of the dispute between the Prince Estate and Boxhill, who was order to turn over the recordings to the estate. This is because, Boxhill supposedly signed a confidentiality agreement which detailed that his work with Prince “would remain Prince’s sole and exclusive property.” 
Shit dude.
The lawsuit also says the EP could “permanently and irreparable” damage Prince and Paisley Park.
We just can’t have nice things.

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