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Meet RayBeauty, the First Lady of Rockview Entertainment with many talents. The 26 year old diva is a model, actress and overall personality.

The woman has a pretty impressive resume, she’s worked with some of the underground’s finest and others you might be quite familiar with: Nitty Scott MCFred the Godson, Ginuwine,Coke Boys… Point being is this young entrepreneur is not to be slept on, she’s climbing her goals and her own pace and this year she plans to  be crushing goals and leveling up like we’ve never seen before.
When did you decide you wanted to be a model?
I decided to become a model at 13 years old. Growing up, I would admire my eldest sister in her beauty pageants. That’s when I knew it was something I was interested in and I fell in love ever since.
 Everyone has an inspiration, who are yours both in and outside the modeling world?
My biggest inspiration outside of modeling would be my mom. She is the type of woman to NEVER quit. Always determined. I am the same and Each day I strive to make her proud. Inside, would be my manager S-Rock. He has been there, supported me, and believed in my vision when I almost gave up. I admire his hard work and dedication.
 Who are some of the most exciting people you’ve gotten the chance to collaborate with?
Along the years, I have gotten the chance to meet many upcoming and past celebrities. It was a pleasure to meet so many that are so humble you wouldn’t believe them to be. My biggest collab was joining Rockview ENT!!
 Being in the entertainment industry there is a lot of pressure and comparing of one another. Have you dealt with being compared to other models in a good and bad way? How do you make sure you stay true to who you are?
As a runway model, it is difficult because we have to maintain a certain weight, or have a certain “Look” to do Runway. People would compare us to print models, who are more thicker for viewing. Luckily for me, I’ve maintained my weight for years so I’ve become accustom to who I am. There will be closed doors and multiple rejections, but the goal is remain humble to who you are and keep going.
Rockview Entertainment seems to be expanding a lot. I saw you were in ATL and PA last year. Have you considered taking more gigs outside the tristate area?
It was definitely a pleasure attending ATL and PA this past year with Rockview Ent. The atmosphere and the love we’ve received from everyone was OUTRAGEOUS! It’s a blessing to move from town to town building your brand and people actually pay attention and support you. In the future, I plan to take as many trips possible to continue building the brand and meeting new people!
What are some milestones you hit last year you were excited about?
The year of 2016 has taught me valuable lessons I will never forget. I have put to the test many opportunities and chances to advance within myself. Along I have hit a few bumps in the road but in this industry, it happens. But I never gave up. This year will be more doings of the things I see went wrong and determined to reach the top.
You’ve been in this business for quite some time. How have you been able to keep your personal and professional life from blending?
It is quite simple to separate the two. To me, it’s “Business is Business, and, Personal is Personal”. You never mix the two because you will only hurt yourself. It’s like having two sides of you or putting on a mask. When you’re on that stage, it’s you and that stage. Everything else vanishes. It’s what makes you Happy. You’re determined to get away from the personal… so it’s nothing left but to give your ALL on stage !!
I’ve heard you’ve expressed interest in teaching other people how to model. Do you think its something anyone can learn?
Absolutely! If anyone thinks of modeling like I do; any pain, hurt, pride or happiness you put into what you believe in, anything is possible. I do not discriminate when it comes to modeling because beauty comes from deep within. You have to feel pretty to be pretty. You will only feel that if you ignore the opinions of others. Put on your heels and walk as if you are the only person in the room. No matter what size, color or flaws you have. Embrace who you are. In modeling, it’s not about teaching, it’s a feeling. I am willing to share any walks or advice to any lady that would like to pursue the career.
I know you mentioned you’re also an actress and I’ve seen you host. What else are you involved in? Which do you enjoy most.
In the entertainment industry, it’s a must you have personality, character. As a model/Host, you have to have personality on stage. Fierce. Embracing. Warmth. Acting and modeling has been top priority because they combine well. I am also involved in other activities such as, writing poetry/music, singing, dancing, event planning and radio personality.
 How did RayBeauty come about?
The name ‘Raybeauty’ came from a childhood friend of mine. Ray is short for my name, and beauty came from me just being me and people always admiring my personality growing up. It grew to love it and knew I would trademark that name into my model career, and that I did. It’s like Beyoncé vs Sasha Fierce ! Lol
Any moves we should be excited to see you make soon?
The new year has started and I have officially collaborated with WVMR for a new upcoming show the first Saturday of March !!!!! I’m super excited and cannot wait for what this year will bring me !!
Thanks for everyone who believe in me and I will definitely be showing my appreciation to each and everyone of you !! 



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