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Read the English Translation of Kim Kardashian West’s Paris Police Report

Remember the Kim Kardashian West Paris incident last October? Well the full police has FINALLY been released.

Can we say, FINALLY!

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The original French report, and it’s English translation, was published today via Le Journal du Dimanche.

Get ready for all the details that you missed of the Paris robbery. And for anyone thinking that she is still faking it, well…


French Police Report

Monday, October 3, 2016
04.30 A.M.

My name is Kardashian Kimberley.
I was born on October 21, 1980, in Los Angeles.
I live in Ventura, XXX
My phones have been stolen and I can be reached through my bodyguard Mr. XXX.

Regarding the facts :

I came in Paris by plane for the fashion week. I came back around 12 midnight to go to bed. I was attending a fashion diner. I came back with Simone Harouche and my sister Kourtney. We all moved up in my room 1A and friends, a couple, went to my room and left around 01.00 A.M.

I have to make it clear that Simone hadn’t come with us and that she was sleeping when I came back.

My assistant Stéphanie and my sister Kourtney changed clothes.

Then, I went to my computer upstairs and I worked.

I heard noises at the door, like footsteps, and I asked shouting who was there, no one answered. I called at 02.56 A.M. my bodyguard. I saw through the sliding door two persons coming, plus the man of the reception who was strapped.

The two men were hooded, the one had a ski mask and he had a cap and a jacket with Police written on it.

The second individual had the same clothes Police but didn’t wear ski goggles.

The individual with the ski goggles rips out my Blackberry phone

The one with the ski goggles was 1,70 meters high, slim, black pants, black boots, he spoke to me in French. He was a European-type individual.

The second individual was also European, he was taller and stayed with the security agent. He was around 1,80 meters high and he was dressed in the same way.

It’s the one with the ski goggles who stayed with me.

He asked me with a strong French accent where was my ring. It was placed on the bedside table. It costs 4 million dollars.

I answer him that I don’t know, he takes out a weapon and I show him the ring. He pointed the weapon toward me. He takes the ring, he wears gloves. He asked me where the jewels and the money are. They catched me and took me in the lobby. I was wearing a bathrobe, naked underneath. Then we went in the room again and they pushed me on the bed. And, at this time, they strapped me with plastic cables and tape on my hands, then they taped my mouth and my legs. They carried me in my bathroom, more specifically in my bathtub.

I forgot to tell you that when they pushed me on the bed, they headed toward my handbag and they cleared everything.

I don’t know if they took something inside. My Vuitton jewelry box was near my bag and at that time, he said something to the other individual, shouting. In my jewelry box, there were two bracelets by Cartier, all with diamonds, a necklace by Jacob all in gold and diamond, diamond earrings by Lauren Schwartz, and the other was by Yanina. There were three necklaces by Jacob all in gold, little bracelets, jewels, rings. A necklace by Lauren Schwartz all in diamonds, another necklace with six little diamonds on it. A last necklace with my son’s name (Saint) all in diamond. I also had just a cross-shaped diamond, by Jacob. A watch by Rolex all in yellow gold. There were two rings in yellow gold.

I think they robbed me for 5 million dollars. They didn’t rob my cash. They robbed me an iPhone 6, which call number is XXXXX and the Blackberry call number.
Then they left, running.

During the heist, they had the hotel’s mobile phone which didn’t stop ringing and they were speaking in French. I thought they said they got to leave.

Then, I removed the tape from my hands and my mouth, I removed the plastic. I realized they were a bit young because of the way they strapped me.

I removed the tape on my legs. I kept a tape around my leg and run to Simone’s room. Then I called my sister Kourtney with Simone’s phone. Simone called her bodyguard because she was hearing some noise.

Question : Would you be able to recognize them?
Answer : Maybe the smaller one with ski goggles but not sure.
Question : Are-you injured?
Answer : No.
Question : Would you like to file a complaint?
Answer : Yes, I would like to file a complaint.
Question : Do you have something else to add?
Answer : I would like to leave and to go back to my children in the United States. A private plane is waiting for me at the Bourget.

After reading done by M. XXXX, Madam Kardashian Kim persists and signs with us the present. It is half past five in the morning.


provided via lejdd.fr


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