Ricky So-Do Breaks Ground w/ First Solo EP, ‘Villians’

Up to the plate this week we have another artist who just dropped his first EP a few weeks ago, Ricky So-Do. Let’s not be fooled though, he definitely has been in music business for some time now.  This Trenton, NJ rapper/singer is also a part of a bigger group, SoundClique.

Somehow between working on a number of group collaborations (which you can view via their SoundCloud page), Ricky has found the time to perform at a number of venues in Philly and Atlantic City, develop his own diverse sound, and promote and release his EP, Villains. Cheers to you, Sir.


Let’s get on to this project now, shall we?

So before I start, we all know that I have to name my favorite track. Here is goes, “Annie R.U.O.K.” But let me give me a bit before I tell you why.

So Villians, it has a pretty dope intro, in my opinion. I haven’t heard like a mini skit being played since the time I was jamming to Good Charlotte and Senses Fail and “Blaze” not only brought back that nostalgia but it also made me wonder why did that whole fad just stop? Maybe we should bring back the monologues and skits, what do you think?

That aside, “Blaze” hits the mark for me when it comes to a track I can turn up to. Actually, its pretty neat to listen to while you work out as well. Don’t believe me? Try it, and I guarantee you’ll want to show the world just how fit you can really be.

Ricky follows the track up with ” You Don’t Love Me,” which ironically I feel like most people would pair his semi dramatic skit with. Side note, I’m glad he didn’t because this definitely flows a lot better. “You Don’t Love Me” seems to me like a romance gone wrong, or things you say to your parents when you’ve really had enough.

Funny thing, after listening to this song and the next one, “Cherry Lipstick”  it actually made me want to compare him to Pitbull. Except and feel free to disagree, he actually does Pitbull better than current Pitbull does himself.  It could be the Spanish phrases that he casually inserts (I’ll let you catch them on your own). Believe me when I say I’m past the whole “dale” era, which just won’t die, but Ricky has a smoother way to pull this off without being annoying about it.  Especially in “Annie R.U.O.K.” where he brings out the reggaeton. Yes!

Six songs and this EP has been an emotional rollercoaster He had me feeling confident, crazy, in love, sexy and chill all in one project. Congrats. A big part of that was how he placed his one track “All My Love.” I’m not going to lie, by itself I can do without this track. I like r&b and everything but I wouldn’t pull this track up by itself unless I really was craving something of the caliber. However, mixing it in Villains gave this intermission period that I didn’t mind and will admit, needed. I’m not a fan of projects that are “one type.” I’m not sure about you guys but I need variety and Ricky delivered.

So here we got it a reggaeton rapper that doubles as a rock star, Ricky So-Do. Ya’ll ain’t ready.


Listen to the full EP, Villains, by clicking here

You can reach out to Ricky and Soundclique via the links below:

Facebook: Ricky So-Do

Twitter: Ricky So-Do 

Facebook: SoundClique




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