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Rihanna: “It Doesn’t Matter B*tch, the King is Still King”

TBH, I don’t pay attention to sports like that. Actually, the only reason I care sporting events is the food and the Puppy Bowl.
But something I do care about, Rihanna.

Ready for Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Make Up Line?

So who watched last night Cavs vs Warriors game? (I didn’t) Well, two things you should know; 1. The Cavs lost 2. Rihanna stole the show, because well…Rihanna.
Here’s the low down…
Rih Rih was in attendance last night  and rumor has is she interrupted bball player Kevin Durant‘s free throw by yelling “Brick!” ESPN later confirmed this was actually her personal assistant, but moving on. The singer made headlines for her more than obvious love of the Cavs, more specifically (King) LeBron James.
Apparently the loyalty is so real that she is to reported to have bowed at LeBron then dabbed at the Warriors fans who asked her to sit.
Um, excuse me?

To end the night, though her team lost, Rih Rih proved the very little shits she did give. “It doesn’t matter bitch, the king is still king.”
And there’s our sports coverage for the day.

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