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Rihanna Wants Someone To ‘Kiss It Better’

By Autumn B.

What she wants kissed better, however, can be left to the imagination.

Earlier today Rihanna released another song and music video from her album Anti entitled Kiss It Better. I’m putting a disclaimer on this right now letting all you parents know that this is NOT a song intended for a child’s ears! If you have children that are fans of Rihanna you might not want them listening to this song.

The song is straight baby making music! Ladies if you have a playlist for when you’re feeling sexy you will definitely want to add this. Just the beginning guitar note made me think of TLC’S Red Light Special or Prince’s Purple Rain. There’s a definite 90s feel to the song and music video that had me rockin’ out by the end.

What’s On My Playlist: Beyonce’

Rihanna’s gone in such a different direction since she debuted way back when and I am loving it! She’s done almost everything that wasn’t expected and I think this is the farthest she’s gone. I can honestly say that Kiss It Better was way better than Work. I will also say that not a lot of the slow and sexy songs out right now had me at the first note like this one did.

I can’t help but give Rihanna praise on this! The music video is real simple but it pulls you straight back into the 90s. I can’t get over it!

I am probably going to be playing this over and over again. Luckily this doesn’t seem like a song that can get over played.

I’m really digging the rawness of the song and how Rihanna took it back in the music video. I’m just loving all of it! Go check out her new music video and see for yourself!

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