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Rocawear & Jay Z Accused of Stealing Designs

So we all know by know, or we should, the clothing brand Rocawear is owned by Jay Z. If you don’t, please take a seat.

Well, according to an Arizona band called Marshstepper the Rocawear is not responsible for their designs. In fact, Jay is being accused of stealing the look from this indie brand.

Jay Z Drops “Spiritual” In Protest

Marshstepper is claiming that the ‘Performance of Death’ and ‘Subliminal Acoustic Manipulation’ were the ones Rocawear ripped.  If you peep the post below, via the co-owner JS Aurelius, there are striking similarities between the two. But is Jay that reckless?

Rocawear and the mogul so far have been silent about the accusations.

This isn’t the first time Rocawear has been said to be having some trouble. Remember back in 2013 when they didn’t pay their $450k bill to iSource NYC, a clothing wholesaler.  They were said to be bankrupt but even so they were able to move on with a junior women clothing brand featuring Justine Skye, last year.

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