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Samie Bower is Making Leaps with ‘F.T.H,’ Watch Here!

How does one have only two visuals out but still getting more plays than some Indie artists with larger catalogs? You have to go to Samie Bower, for that answer.

Get Gripped by Samie Bower’s ‘Blame’ Visual

His first visual, “Blame,” was dropped around three months ago (We covered here on LST) and received over 28K plays so far. Then we have “F.T.H.” which debut 1.7..2017 and is over 3K hits easy.

Good marketing? Well, let me put it to you this way, some artists can learn can a few things from Samie

Don’t know what F.T.H. stands for, don’t worry, you wont have to do much digging after you peep the visual above.

Lady Sen


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