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Spotify Wants to Compete with TIDAL & Apple Music

Remember Spotify?

In the midst of all the hubbub around Apple Music vs TIDAL we may of actually let the streaming service slip our minds. But don’t worry they’re planning a fierce comeback.


Spotify made a pretty big move this week by bringing on Troy Carter, a well known music manager, to join their team as their global head of creative services.

So first to drop some knowledge one anyone may be going Who and What?  One, Troy Carter use to be the CEO and chairman of a talent and production company, Atom Factory. But the real biggie is that he dedicated the past couple of decades of his life to managing some pretty big names: Eve, Will Smith, Biggie Smalls, John Legend, and Lady Gaga (just to name a few).

Two what does his position entail? Well, Carter will primarily be having a hand in creating original content for Spotify as well as securing exclusive deals with artists. Additionally, due to his history, it’s expected he will have a positive impact on the company’s relationship with artist, record labels,  manager, etc…

Let’s see how Spotify does now that the competition is getting steep. I mean TIDAL has Bey and Apple has Drake…so what’s next?

Check out Carter’s announcement via Facebook he made on Monday, below.


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