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Steve Lacy on Kendrick’s ‘Damn’: “The song I did for him came from this acoustic session that was recorded on my iPhone

So it’s barely reached 24 hours and Kendrick Lamar has essentially taken over the internet. Among the credits he has break out artist, Steve Lacy, under “PRIDE” with Anna Wise, a frequent collab of Lamar’s. For those not familiar with the man, he is the youngest member of the band, The Internet
Google them, you won’t regret it.
Anywho, Lacy recently did an interview with Matt Wilkinson of Beats 1 to explain how the Damn feature came to be. 
Essentially, the two were brought together by DJ Dahi, who he’s currently working with,  and got the opportunity to play some music to Lamar who was passing by the studio
You can peep the preview below, but the full interview drops at Noon EST, April, 15th.

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