Haley Williams Wakes Up from Her Misery Business in ‘Rose-Colored Boy’

“Wake Up! Roseville” Paramore dropped their visual to “‘Rose-Colored Boy,” from their album After Laughter. The single stars their frontwoman, Haley Williams as a miserable anchor in denial on the fictional show, “Wake Up! Roseville.” New Found Glory’s “Vicious Love” ft …

New Found Glory’s “Vicious Love” ft Hayley Williams


New Found Glory, that’s a band I haven’t listened too in quite some time but they definitely just got my attention.

So the band just dropped this new pop-punk ballad featuring Paramore‘s Hayley Williams and I’m addicted to it. Take a listen for yourself and I bet we’ll be on the same wave length.

The video takes place in “Vicious Love Tattoo Shop” where we have the band (and their interesting beards) taking the spotlight as some very questionable tattoo artists. As the song progresses we see them give out a few interesting tattoos to couples representing their vicious love-hate relationships. Though it could also represent their feelings towards their body art but I’ll leave that up to your interpretation.

Hey if you were born in my generation, this “Vicious Love” will definitely will bring some nostalgia. Oh, this definitely would’ve been the perfect song for my Myspace page.