The Culture,Craft and Codeine (Part 2)


   This is how most of us react when we see trouble coming. We yell Nope on a rope Batman! Or some other nonsensical thing and get the heck out of dodge! ( I don’t curse so heck is the best I can do). We wouldn’t willingly agree to entertain things that would destroy our lives and our wellbeing.  

Stacey Dash voices her opinions yet again

What if the negativity and poisonous messages were a little more subtle and smooth? Like Rick James on your couch smooth?


That’s exactly how propaganda  works, smoothly and subtly until we form an idea about something without  putting much thought into it.

Chance the rapper stands with frats march

Why doesn’t the music we hear reflect our lives instead of our lives reflecting the music we hear?

Rissah’s remedy ? Check out Legacy, an  artist who writes and rhymes about real issues and who aren’t the Indie  equivalent of a rapist van playing an ice cream truck jingle over a loudspeaker.

You won’t find lyrical novocaine for your brain over here but words to make you think.   





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