The Unlikely Combination of Jellyfish and Sex: O’s On The Go


The Beginning

On July 23, 2012, I attended my first in-home sex toy party before starting graduate school and becoming a full time feminist scholar. The party was held outdoors in a hostess’s backyard with a crowd of about ten women. Regina*, a white woman with blonde hair and the consultant from the company Metamorphosis*, kindly greeted me upon arrival as she handed me an order form, catalog, and a pen. Since I had never attended a party, I did not know what to expect and was feeling slightly anxious. There was a shared sense of apprehension among the party guests as we waited a few minutes for the party to start. Finally, the last woman arrived and to our amusement, had to wear a strap on dildo for the duration of the party.

*Names have been changed.

Regina started the party by showing us massage products—anything from edible candle wax, body dew, to sugar scrubs. In between showing products, we played games in order to win discounts and prizes. To my surprise, I was the winner of the pass the double dong game and received a blue penis straw.  As the party progressed, Regina passed around various vibrators and couple’s toys while she made jokes about the products. At the end of the party, Regina reminded us that we “deserved to have toys in our lives.” Additionally, she encouraged us to become consultants. She explained, “You can make an extra $1,000 a month! All you have to do is buy a kit and become a qualified consultant within the first three months.” Intrigued by this offer, I decided to ask Regina more about the business opportunity. After assessing the details, I left the party not only as a consumer, but also as a consultant for Metamorphosis.

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Before I started graduate school in August 2012, I had a full month to prepare my new business and to get acquainted with the products. When my kit arrived, I immersed myself with learning the ins and outs of the products and practicing my sales pitch. I regarded the sex toy business as a feminist endeavor. On one hand, I was educating women about sexual pleasure. On the other, I was a woman working my “own” business. In short, I saw the business as an opportunity to spread a feminist message regarding women and sexualities and as a way to earn income.

Over time, I became disenchanted with Metamorphosis as a company. For starters, they were not feminist enough for me. By this, I mean they did not promote toys for people of all sexualities, especially the LGBTQ community. They did not represent people with disabilities or show many people of color. Feminism to me is being as inclusive as possible, honoring intersectionality, and most of all, examining structural as well as individual means of oppression. Aside from the lack of feminist ideals, Metamorphosis sold cheap products, many of which did not contain body safe materials. Plus, on top of this tidbit, the company screwed its consultants out of money, with consultants only earning 40% of the sales. In reality, the 40% was more like 20% once the consultant fronted the money for inventory and sales aids. Overall, the company just wasn’t for me. While Metamorphosis did help empower women in ways and was a goldmine for others, it just wasn’t a company for me. I have to give credit where credit is due, after all.

After about a year working for Metamorphosis, I called it quits. Quitting is something I am terrible at and while I was sad to leave, another door opened for me.

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One night, during one of my few breaks in graduate school, a miracle occurred while I was watching a show on RV renovations. An idea popped into my head. I saw mobile business before such as pet grooming or food trucks. What if I had a mobile sex toy business? At that moment, O’s On The Go was born.


All About O’s On The Go

 O’s On The Go is a mobile adult toy and novelty company. It stands for Orgasms On The Go. I came up with this name since the business is completely mobile and sells adult products meant to aid in giving orgasms/pleasure. This business is like a mobile food truck, but with adult novelties. O’s On The Go primarily serves New Jersey, Delaware, New York, and Pennsylvania. The business is completely online as well and ships domestically in the United States.



 O’s On The Go revolves around four concepts: accessibility, education, inclusivity, and fluidity.

Accessibility: Not everyone has access to a local adult toy store or the time to go to one. That’s why O’s On The Go brings the store to you.

Education: Providing education on sexual wellness topics is core to what O’s On The Go believes in.

Inclusivity: Regardless of how you identify, O’s On The Go believes you should feel comfortable shopping for products. Come as you are.

Fluidity: Sexual tastes and desires are fluid; they may change with time and context. O’s On The Go embraces sexual fluidity.

Signature Kits

O’s On The Go really exists to help people foster their relationships with themselves and to others using sexual pleasure as a crux of these relationships. O’s On The Go offers signature kits or individual products for the curious consumer. Signature kits include, but are not limited to:


The Like A Virgin Kit

The Working Bitch Kit

The Tree Hugger Kit

The Les Be Friends Kit


As a business, O’s On The Go attempts to divide the sexual wellness sphere to both the private and the public in a casual, professional way. O’s On The Go does not delegate sexuality exclusively to the home like home parties do and it does not delegate sexuality in an exclusive public manner like adult toy stores do. Thus, O’s On The Go is a happy medium between the two extremes of the private and the public.


Sexual Wellness

In addition to signature kits and products, O’s On The Go offers sexual wellness workshops. These appointments allow clients to choose workshops of their liking. Workshops last around 10-20 minutes and cover topics including, but not limited to:


Good Vibes: Sex Positivity: In this workshop, you will discover the history behind sex positivity, what sex positivity is, and how you can remain or become more sex positive.


Here and Queer: The In’s and Outs of Queer Sex: Want to learn about queer sex? This workshop explores what queer sex encompasses and explores different forms of queer sex.


Like a Virgin: First Time Toys: New to toys? Have no fear, the easy guide to help you choose your first toy(s) is here.


Where do people learn about sexual wellness? O’s On The Go hopes to be a credible source sharing various topics on the human sexual experience.



O’s On The Go’s logo is a jellyfish for two reasons. First, jellyfish are fluid creatures. Sexualities are fluid as a part of a spectrum. Second, jellyfish do not possess a brain. Similarly, O’s On The Go believes that pleasure is free flowing and that people should “go with the flow” when it comes to sexual desires, fantasies, and tastes (as long as it’s consensual and between adults). O’s On The Go hopes to inspire social change through company design and the widespread mission of providing accessibility to both pleasure and education.



The slogan for O’s On The Go is Pleasure Unboxed. When a customer receives an order, it comes in a box with the O’s On The Go jellyfish logo on the front. The customer is unboxing pleasure. However, the slogan is a play on the words since pleasure itself should be held to a standard where it is unrestricted, unboxed. Pleasure comes in many shapes, sizes, forms, contexts, etc. You get the picture!


The Future

As it stands, O’s On The Go is in its second year of business. The future holds several possibilities. My vision is to buy a sprinter car and deck it out with the O’s On The Go jellyfish logo. I will fill it with inventory and sell toys out of it like a food truck, if zoning laws permit such actions. Eventually, O’s On The Go should become a franchise with mini fleets all over the country, especially in areas where sex is still taboo. O’s On The Go’s goal is to reach as many people as possible and to make sexualities a priority in people’s lives. I want the company to be a safe space for people to come as they are, literally. Relationships matter. Orgasms matter. In the future, I hope O’s On The Go will matter to many people too. O’s On The Go: Pleasure Unboxed.





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