This Is Why I’m Bumpin’ to LoyalTC’s ‘Casualty’

I hope you guys are ready for this one. Today’s Music Monday,which can also be caught on LiveSircuit, actually goes to an entire project that features thirteen songs.

The Casualty project is brought to you by New York MCee, LoyalTC (aka Takim Watson). You may recognize the name and/or face from his appearance on Voiceless Music Radio two weeks ago.  This artist prides himself with wrapping his audience not with a gimmick but with his “lyricism” and the inventive way he tells his story.

So lets delve into what he has brought to the table.

First, everything about Casualty is cool. I can say I’ve been vibin to this not too long after he came by the studio for his interview. The think that really gets me about LoyalTC is that throughout this entire project he stays true to this presence that he owns, you’d understand more of what I’m saying if you see the artist in person but until you get a peek at one of his performance “Casualty” will just have to do.

In my opinion, this conscious EMCEE( and there is no denying that) is a mixture of Trey Songz, LL Cool J throw in some DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince(aka Will Smith). He may not be from this time, but he is something that todays generation needs to hear…now.


If you’re making your way through Casualty right now you can tell that Loyal has a rhythm to his madness. I describe it like this “one, two, step, one, two, step.” He has an order about him when he raps. The best way I can compare is to how Eminem continues to remain on the same beat in, fast or slow, in every song. Its the exact same thing. I like it, it makes everything very very fluid. Each track sort of goes into the next and that’s something a lot of artists don’t do now a days.

My only complaint about this project is that in the song “Ascension” which features singer Islima Songbird. Now I may be a little bias just because I’ve seen this singer in person and this girl SINGS her heart out. Now, while I do understand this was a featured artist, LoyalTC should’ve taken more advantage of having her (along with any artist) on a track. He needs to capitalize on their talents.

Now because I have an idea of what Islima I can offer a little more of a critique. Loyal should’ve tried to harmonize a little with her, but of course, not everyone is down for singing. Alternative? Maybe play with her voice’s range, while he raps in the background? Or even maybe a little “do wop” add lib. I’d love to see that. Don’t be afraid to be a little risky.

Regardless, I love this project and do look forward in what else LoyalTC has to offer.

While you give the Casualty project a listen, be sure to connect with LoyalTC to tell him what you think

Instagram: LoyalTC

Twitter: LoyalTC

SoundCloud: LoyalTC

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