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This is Why Peter Rosenberg Called CThaGod The Devil

Do you see color???? @tomilahren ???????

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Peter Rosenberg from Hot 97 is not here for CThaGod and Tomi Lahren‘s new found friendship. If you’re not familiar with Lauren, she gained lots of attention for her controversial comments on Black Lives Matter and support on Donald Trump.

CThaGod commented to TMZ, “You have to learn to have discourse with people you don’t necessarily agree with…I’m not gonna learn about her world, and she’s not gonna learn about mine if we don’t have conversations.”

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Rosenberg doesn’t agree with it though, he made comments called The Breakfast Club host “the devil.” What sparked his sudden outburst, was the TMZ article that showed the paid hanging out in NYC after Lahren canceled her appearance on the show. “It’s amazing that people are blind enough to think this dude is good for the culture…”



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