Top Four DIY Holiday Gifts for the Beauty Obsessed

Alright friends Christmas is just around the corner! I’m not sorry for slapping reality in your faces but it’s true, we only have about two weeks left until the big day. With Christmas coming up so close I think it’s time to be honest and admit that some of us have yet to complete any of our Christmas lists. I know it’s scary but before you start running around in a panic please know that I’ve got you hooked up with DIY gifts for your beauty obsessed loved ones.

Most of these gift ideas can be done right at home and some do take a little extra work but please be assured that these DIY beauty gifts will save you from the rush that is holiday shopping. To make this even more fun and way less stressful try doing one gift a day for the week.

Day One: DIY Body Butter

I snagged the recipe for this little number while going through Youtube a couple years. This body butter is smooth and will save the one who’s being gifted a couple of bucks!

Things You’ll need:

I cup of Raw Shea Butter

½ cup of grated Bee’s Wax

1/3 cup of Coconut Oil

Essential Oils (Optional)

Start by combining all the ingredients into a microwavable bowl, then heat it up for about two minutes or until everything is melted. Once the ingredients have melted give the melted concoction a quick stir before setting it in the refrigerator to set until it hardens. After that just give a whisk with the mixer and use a spoon to put the body butter into a container. For a little extra flair decorate the container with a Christmas theme!

Day Two: DIY Bath Bomb

This is another product that people pay top dollar for that’s actually really easy to make at home! This is a product that takes a little extra work but it’ll be worth it in the end.

Things You’ll need:

½ cup of baking soda

¼ cup of citric acid (DO NOT SKIP OUT ON THIS! THIS IS WHAT MAKES IT FIZZ! You can find this at any specialty grocery store or online)

¼ cup of Cornstarch

¼ cup of Epsom Salt

3 tsp of Castor Oil

1 tsp of essential oil

Soap or food coloring

tbs of water

First you’re going to mix your dry ingredients and wet ingredients in separate bowls and whisk them together. When you’re ready to combine everything together remember to add the wet ingredients very slowly so the solution doesn’t activate with the citric acid. When the mix is a thick and even consistency you’ll fill a soap mold with the bath bomb mix. Once everything is packed in nice and tight, snap the soap mold closed and let the mold dry over night and you’re done! You can even leave the bath bomb in the mold and decorate it with a Christmas theme.

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Day Three: DIY Beauty Blender

Beauty Blenders are beyond expensive for being little foam sponges. Here’s something you can get real creative with and save a couple bucks while doing it. You’ll have enough beauty blenders for your friends, family and even yourself when you’re done with this fun project. There are no exact measurements for this project. Just go with your gut and have fun!

Things You’ll Need:

A foam neck pillow (or anything foam based)

Different RIT color dye (you can get this product and any Joann Fabric store)

When you have everything you need just need to take the pillow out of the fabric casing and cut up the foam up into your desired shape. Then get a couple of bowls of the color dye ready and then just dip and squeeze the sponge so that it can absorb all of the color. Then let them dry on  towel that you don’t mind getting a little messy. Get creative with the color dye. There are so many different styles you can do with so many colors to choose from. Get creative!

Day Four: DIY Nail Polish

This is a fun project that will let you create as many colors you want with as many pigmented eye shadows you have!

Things You’ll Need:

Clear nail polish bottle

Very small plastic bowl you don’t mind getting dirty and stained. Make sure you it is a bowl that can pour the nail polish into the nail polish bottle!

A small mixing stick or tooth pick

First thing you’ll do is remove or paint over any sticker label that is on the nail polish bottle. Then you’ll pour the clear nail polish into the plastic container. Take your pigmented eye shadow and pour that into the plastic bowl as well. Mix the clear nail polish with the pigmented eye shadow until there are no eye shadow clumps and you get the desired pigment you want. Put the top back on and make your own labels and you’ll have fun creating nail polishes in your friend’s favorite colors!

I hope this helped you out with your Christmas gifting!

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