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Twitter: ‘Katy Perry is Cancelled!’ for Obama Joke


Katy Perry just shot herself in the foot guys. Black Twitter is through with her and here’s why.
A video has popped up of the self proclaimed activist, comparing her old black hair to Obama. The video appears to have been shot during her NYC Press Tour where someone commented “I miss your old black hair.” She chopped her black locks and bleached her hair blond.

Which Perry responded “Oh really, do you miss Obama as well? Okay times have changed. Bye.” Damn, girl…too much.
You can hear someone say, “Okay, you’re cut off,” in the background while the singer laughs. No one has confirmed what Perry meant by her statement, though it’s safe to say no one is taking this likely.
Twitter users, including DJ Scream, are voicing their unhappiness by dragging the singer online. Calling her a #Loser and other names.
This isn’t the first time the “Roar” singer has stirred some controversy. Remember the 2013 AMAs (American Music Awards) where she dressed as a Geisha?
Just some more info to consider, Katy was a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election and Obama’s in 2012 but it looks like that’s being thrown out the window.

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