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Vince Staples Opens Up About His New Album, ‘Big Fish Theory’


Vince Staples‘ new album, Big Fish Theory, is scheduled for release June 23rd. So far we’ve only heard two track, “BagBak” and “Big Fish” but other than that, he’s given us very little info.

Tyler, the Creator & Vince Staples are Pro-Tyga

In his most recent interview with LA Weekly Vince opens up about making “future music,” his past project and his journey as an artist.

“All I can tell you is that it’s current. It’s tomorrow. It’s next Thursday…We making future music. It’s Afro-futurism. This is my Afro-futurism. There’s no other kind.”

He does site the his new influences, while mentioning why he refuses to revisit older sounds. Something cool about Staples is that he also doesn’t think in terms of genres, “I don’t know what the fuck that is.”

“If a photographer took the same picture over and over again, you’d call them crazy, right? If an architect built the same house, if a designer made the same clothes, if a painter made the same painting — we’d all discredit them.”

Not too long after his album drops, Vince will be joining the Gorillaz on tour. Incase you forgot he collaborated on their latest album, Humanz.

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