Vita Comes Back with ‘Colors of You’

Meet Vita an artist from Yonkers NY with a undeniable passion for the 90’s.

Attention All Eminem Fans, You’re Welcome

I met Vita a few months ago an an event for Rockview Entertainment and then we reconnected right before her interview on The Pulse of New YorkI think my words to my co host and owner, DJ Mainstream, were “I want to interview her”  and that’s how we got word of this project.

Vita hasn’t put anything out in a while, though shes done a number of performances this year, due to a few issues that I’m glad got resolved because now she’s given us  this ode to a familiar love, “Colors of You.”

I find it interesting that this Aaliyah fan dropped her newest single today because it’s actually the R&B Princess’s death anniversary. So maybe this is an ode to more than just love?

Check it out and decide for yourself!

Lady Sen


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