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Watch Bitter’s Kiss Heartbreaking Visual for ‘The Rope’


So we have Bitter’s Kiss here guys. And I must say,at first I thought this was just a one girl band. Later, as I did my research I learned that Bitter’s Kiss is actually the front woman, Chloe Baker and her father Michael.  Do we have another Cyrus family duo on our hands? I don’t necessarily think so but I just wanted to drop that possibility in there.


So let’s get on to the good part, this music. I played Bitter’s Kiss  to the point I fell asleep to it.  I actually really like what they have here, I enjoyed it even more after I peeped the visual for “The Rope.” Chloe has a haunting tinge in her voice and in this track specifically. She draws similarities to voices like Regina Spektor in the sense she is very earnest in how she sings her observations but still she  gives more. If there is any song that you need to hear in this project, skip them all and go straight for “The Rope” you will not regret it.

I just hope they remain consistent, without putting themselves in a box.

So Bakers, take comfort in knowing that you may of just earned yourself another fan!

Get a peek at the self titled album, below!  But for the full album you have to download it on iTunes.




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