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Watch Lady Gaga Perform New Tracks to ‘Joanne’

Slowly and surely Lady Gaga is unraveling her latest and much anticipated project yet, Joanne. It’s a mixture of pain and join as we all wait for her to give us another preview or single until the albums release, Oct 21. We got two weeks Monsters, you can do it!

Join Lady Gaga’s Desert Party in ‘Perfect Illusion’ Visual

Gaga has given us a bit more to work with though. Last night, while performing in Nashville for her dive bar tour,  Mother Monster debuted three new songs.

You can watch the full performance above.

If you’ve been paying attention you can assume the three songs are the following “Sinner’s Prayer” ,the  beat rockin'”A-Yo”  and then  the soulful slow ballad”Million Reasons” (which you can also hear below).


She closed out her show with none other than “Perfect Illusion” saying, “We can’t give away too much…I’ll see you at the next stop, yeah?”

Two weeks…Two Weeks…

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