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We Might Die: Dumbfoundead & Year of the Ox

Monday Night I finally had the opportunity to see Dumbfoundead and Year of the Ox perform live in Philly at The Voltage Lounge. If you have no idea who these guys are I have to ask what rock you’ve been sleeping under but I am more than willing to fill you in.

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Dumbfoundead hails from Los Angeles, California. He’s been killing the game since the early 2000s and hasn’t stopped. His style has a more laid back feel to it most of the time but he can go hard when the time calls for it. If you’ve ever wanted to smile while nodding your head to some dope music Dumbfoundead is the rapper to listen to.

Year of the Ox, a.k.a YOX, is a duo rap group made of JL and Lyricks who hail from Virginia who’s first EP dropped this year. These two go harder than any rappers I’ve listened to recently. Their flow instantly takes back to the old school days of Eminem (pre –Encore album), Eazy-E, and Biggie Smalls. Year of the Ox and Dumbfoundead is a combination of nothing but a good time.

Now that the crash course is over back to Monday night.

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If you’re a Philly local you’ll know that Voltage Lounge is a very small venue compared to Wells Fargo Center but that doesn’t mean the concert wasn’t one hell of a good time. The fact that the venue was intimate made things even better. There was nothing but good vibes all around from the beginning of the night until the end. The crowd never stopped giving up their best and knew just about every word to every song.

A new rapper I’ve never heard of named Voss, a Philly native, opened for the night. I have to admit I was a little hesitant as I always am with new music. I was happily surprised when he performed. The crowd was a little bit quiet at first but by the end of his set the crowd was singing along to his hit Non-Stop. By the end of the night I was looking up this guy on YouTube, trying to find what he’s about.

DJ Zo performed for a little bit after Voss and I kind of wanted him to have a longer set just for the fact that he was really taking me back to the 90s. For a second I thought my mom was going to show up behind me and smack me upside my head for singing along to songs I know I shouldn’t be singing.

DJ Zo provided the mood for the rest of the night because once Year of the Ox and Dumbfounded came on stage it was a done deal for the rest of the night. There was no question if either Dumbfoundead or Year of the Ox performed better because the question was never posed. The crowd was live for both sets. When the beginning beat for Kai Bai Bo came on people could probably hear the crowd screaming from down the street and around a couple corners.


I really liked the fact that the Dumbfoundead, Year of the Ox, and Voss hung around the merch booth for meat and greats with their fans. It wasn’t a perform and go concert. They didn’t leave until they got to meet everyone who was waiting in line. That just tells you how much they want their fans to know they are appreciated.

Needless to say, Dumbfoundead and Year of the Ox killed the We Might Die Tour in Philly on a Monday! I woke up the next morning with no voice, running off of a couple hours of sleep because the concert was such an adrenaline rush! The next time these guys are live in Philly you definitely need to check them out.

Thank you Dumbfoundead, Year of the Ox, Dj Zo and Voss for turning Philly on its head Monday night!

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