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Who’s On My Playlist: Beyonce

By: Autumn B.

Queen B dropped another bomb the night before Super Bowl Sunday with her new song “Formation”. As many believe that the song as a call for black power. I believe that’s it’s not just a black power movement rallying call. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Beyonce’ and I love this song. This song bumps so hard but I feel like there’s more to it.
Forget the images in the music video; in fact forget the music video entirely. Every few lyrics is about something else and calls for some type of movement.

“I like my baby hair with baby hair and afro’s

I like my negro nose with Jackson five nostrils”

This is where you see a call for black power can be seen. In my opinion, I believe that this is Beyonce’ calling for black people to love themselves and love what they look like despite what the media thinks and puts out into the world.

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“Okay Ladies now let’s get in formation”

Clearly this can be seen as female empowerment. As if she’s saying ‘ladies it’s time to get ourselves together.’

“I see it, I want it

I grind ‘till I own it

I twirl all my haters

Stay gracious, best revenge is your paper”

These lyrics are pretty much saying, to me, screw the haters and grind to get what’s yours.

It seems like because it was a black female who wrote the song and there black people in the music video it is being taking for a black power movement. Now if you watched the super bowl half time show you will definitely see the call for a black power movement. All of the dancers including Beyonce’ were dressed as black panther protesters.

But if you ignore the music video and the half time show and just focus on the song there is a lot more to it than just black power. It’s loving what you look like despite the media, it’s saying not to care what the haters think and get your money.

But that doesn’t mean that the call for black power isn’t there. It does not mean that this song is for everyone, it is not. Still, why does it seem like everyone doesn’t want to look deeper into the song and only focus on the music video and what it represents?


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