Why Haven’t You Listened to DJ Caesar’s ‘Seven’

DJ Caesar of Sirius XM just dropped his latest mixtape a little over a week ago. And I’m going to tell you guys now, it’s something to be impressed over.

Here’s what you need to know.

The tape, Seven, hold seven exclusive songs.

There are some features you need to look out for including, Joey Badass, Action Bronson and Uncle Murda.

After listening to Seven, that nostalgia for old school hip hop will be real

Now, on On Air with Sir this week you got a chance to listen to “Love” but you need to listen to “Your Old Droog” with Styles P and Joey Badass if you need a little guidance as to where to start with this project.

I know I compared him to Heavy D, and I do not revoke that comparison. However, a better fit would be Big Daddy Kane and old school LL Cool J. Fun fact, anyone who gives me an LL feel gets automatic points in my book.

Overall, I give the Seven a 9. Though it had me bumpin I feel that Caesar could’ve given us a little extra umph. The opening was also a little too distracting for me but soon as we got into the tracks it was gold.

Catch the DJ/Rapper on his Social Media and let him know what you think

Twitter: @DJ_Caesar

Instagram: @DJ_Caesar

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