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Willow Smith Wrote ‘November 9th’ on Election Day

Willow Smith  is addressing her feelings towards the election via her music. Take a listen to the short but intense single “November 9th” above.

The World’s Reaction to Trump Being the 45th U.S. President

The track is meant to encourage listeners to not lose hope and to succumb negative feelings.

“Baby girl, I know you’re tired/Don’t let the world put out your fire/Take my hand and you will see/Sadness and anger aren’t everything,” she sings over a stripped-down guitar accompaniment. “Baby boy don’t lose your sweetness/Don’t think your humanity equals weakness/Take my hand and you shall see/Suppression and pain are not everything.”

Willow dropped the track on Soundcloud with the note: “I wrote this song on the day of the election. Peace and revelations to all!” This came not too long after she joined a protest for the Dakota Access Pipeline, with her brother Jaden,


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