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You Have to Hear This Mixtape,’Chance The Drop Out’. Yep, a Kanye & Chance Remix

Now we all know that Chance the Rapper sites Yeezy as one of his main influencers, especially his album College Dropout.

Well we have DJ Clyde and DJ Critical Hype to thank for them blending the two together. Yes we can know listen to Chance’s voice over Kanye’s beats. Can we name is ‘Ye the Rapper?

Chance The Rapper Previews New Joint Via Snapchat

Critical commented to Pigeons and Planes:

“I love Chance as an artist and Kanye is one of the best producers of all time.They are both from Chicago and Chance is always talking about how big of an influence Kanye was and is. It seemed like a match made in heaven and a great way to bridge the gap of a new and older Chicago artist.” He adds, “When I started to play around with the idea it sounded even better than I had thought.”

Check out the collab above. The cover art is from Ian Klarer, pretty dope right?

Okay what about Chance of ‘Ye ?

Lady Sen


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